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    Cruise Ship Terminal - Hombre de Piedra and Buró4

    Cruise Ship Terminal - Hombre de Piedra and Buró4

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    Het is niet te hopen dat als de bewoners van dit Japanse huis gaan verhuizen, ze de meubels meenemen. Deze vormen namelijk een integraal  onderdeel van het routing van dit fantastische huis, ontworpen door Tato Architects.

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    Biokilab Laboratories, Álava, Spain by Taller Básico de Arquitectura

    The technologic Park of Vitoria colonizes a little bit of nature. The quality of the site and its steepness make us question where to build. Two boxes made from air rise above the slope. The structure become architecture carries on its shoulders these boxes, showing a new plane. We investigate new ways of entering new places. Our place appears on a new level, determined by a four-legged and colorful structure. Two hollow boxes of concrete inhabit this new place on the structure. The whole complex in a permanent flight reveals a new gravity.

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